A Look into Space Is Worth the Wait

John Armstrong Mug

I just returned from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and, boy, do...

National Commentary

Trump's Helsinki discord

Donald Trump is not, and never will be, the Moscow correspondent for The Nation magazine, and he shouldn't sound like it. The left-wing publication is prone to extend sympathetic understanding to adversaries of the United States and find some reason, any reason, to blame ourselves for their...


Trump digs himself a deeper hole


WASHINGTON -- President Trump took to television Tuesday to "clarify" his position on alleged Russian meddling in our 2016 presidential election, as stated at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin. The only thing he clarified was his astonishing ability to make matters worse for himself. Trump...


What Is Democratic Socialism?

Ben Shapiro

The new rising star of the Democratic Party is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The 28-year-old former bartender doesn't know much about politics -- this week, she bungled her way through an interview answer by referring to Israeli "occupation" of Palestine and citing her lack of expertise on the issue...

National Commentary

Creating safe skies as drones proliferate

A decade from now, your order from Amazon will likely be delivered to your doorstep by a drone. Want to order a pizza? Drones will probably deliver those, too. And drones are already at work inspecting construction sites and cellphone towers and documenting damage for insurance claims. But the...


Time to privatize nation's air traffic control

Trump Aviation Fact Check

The Trump administration revived calls for privatizing air traffic control services last month as part of a broader proposal to reorganize and modernize the federal government. The report, "Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century," renews the White House's commitment to seeing America...


Russian Bots vs. Academia/Hollywood -- Which Had a Bigger Impact on the Election?

Larry Elder

The indictment of a dozen Russian spies explained, in great detail, the extent of their interference in the 2016 election. Americans learned about the depth and extent of the Russian operation to interfere. That the Russian activity altered the outcome of the election to "make Trump win" has become...


Science columns appreciated

I would like to thank the Standard Examiner and the editorial staff for instituting a regular column dealing with topics pertaining to science and the public. I have waited hopefully for this for a long time, and I regard it as something we have needed for a long time. Further, as John Armstrong...


Jim Jordan, Brett Kavanaugh and Guilt by association

Star Parker

First it was Republican Congressman Jim Jordan. Now it's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. These men are considered guilty by association for being in proximity of wrongdoing that took place almost 30 years ago. Allegedly, Jordan took no action as a young assistant wrestling coach regarding...


Trump Failed to Demonstrate Leadership with Putin

One of the Obama administration's greatest foreign-policy missteps was the failed "reset" button it attempted to hit with Vladimir Putin's Russia. President Donald Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki this week, and the calamitous press conference that followed, was far worse. Instead of a reset...


How to stop Trump's lie machine

Robert Reich

As the political season heats up, Donald Trump is ramping up his lies through three amplifiers: his rallies, Fox News and his Twitter account. The three function as a big propaganda machine. According to the Fact Checker's database, the average daily rate of Trump's false or misleading claims is...

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